Without the Red Shirts, without Najib’s finances, without Umno…with all the bravado stripped away from him, without the smoke and mirror that he uses to hide his real self…..stripped of all this….Jamal Jamban awaits extradition back to Tanah Tumpah Darahnya. The life that Umno has allowed him to live his done. Now what awaits him is stark reality….the iceman cometh…may be not physical death but still a life close to being dead for someone who thinks himself a leader of men.

What men has he led in the past? No men of significance….just men who would do much for money. Money to buy petrol for their motorcycles. Men who would do much to have a decent meal for a day. Men like him who would do anything for money. And when the money is no more….they too become nothing. Jamal Jamban is nothing today.

That is the tragedy that Umno has inflicted upon so many many Malay youths. Upon so many many Malays who have known nothing else but dedak to do this and dedak to do that. Malays totally dependent on Umno for the daily meals that they put on the table for themselves and their families. Malays that are now left asking where will their next meal come from? Who will buy the uniform their children need to go to school? Who will pay for their medical expenses? Who will provide for them? And they believe…truly truly believe….that if Umno was still in government.. all their needs will be taken care of. There are not a thousand of these Malays….not ten thousand…not even a hundred thousand….there are many many hundreds of thousands of these Malays who are now suffering because Umno is no longer there to provide for their daily needs. 

So who will care for these Malays? 

If Malaysia is to move forward as one. If Malaysia is to become what we want it to be when we voted for change at the GE14….my friends, the plight of these Malays must now be our concern. And not only the plight of these Malays must be our concern, the plight of other Malaysians who have the same need, must also be our concern.

That is how I felt when I saw that image of Jamal Jamban in the custody of the Indonesian Authorities. We never had Malays like him when Mahathir was President of Umno. Malays like him were needed and used by the Umno under Najib Razak for Najib’s and Umno vested interests. Jamal Jamban was stupid enough to allow himself to be used. And so were many hundreds of thousands of Malays who also allowed themselves to be used by Umno leaders. I am not saying that Jamal Jamban should not be blamed. I am not saying that the Red Shirts are not to be blamed….but you must fault Najib and Umno for making so many Malays into Umno image….dedak infested, dedak dependent and dedak addicted through and through.

So please, even as you gloat over Jamal’s arrest…think also what would have happened if the leaders in Umno was not Nazri Aziz, not Khairi Jamaluddin, not Zahid Hamidi not Najib Razak and all the others whose greed and arrogance made Umno into what it is today. And why should think of all this? We need to think of all this because we owe our brothers and sisters who are still with Umno the responsibility of doing what we can to help them see the errors of their ways…after all …are we not our brother keepers? We must accept responsibility to make better all Malaysians. Amen.