“I have always said that the Malays would suffer (terbangsat di negara sendiri) if Umno lost its power,” said Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
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KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the Malays were being sidelined in their own country since Umno lost power.  The former prime minister, in his latest Facebook posting, said: “I have always said that the Malays would suffer (terbangsat di negara sendiri) if Umno lost its power. Now that Umno has indeed lost power, there is nothing to do but for us to stay strong in facing this challenge from Allah. Najib, who was former Umno president, said the Malays could not depend on the Pakatan Harapan-led government to defend their rights or fight for them. “This is because the strength of the Malay party in Pakatan Harapan comes from the non-Malays,” he said.

steadyaku47 comment : How small must be the mind of this najib razak! Son of a prime minister, sent overseas to study, Menteri Besar of Pahang, various Minister posts held before he finally became Prime Minister….and he thinks that the Malays need to be in power in order to not be sidelined in their own country?

He thinks that Malaysia belongs to the Malays judging by his “own country” comment!

How was it that those who are responsible for Najib’s rise and rise in Umno, and those who decided that he will be prime Minister…how come they were not aware of how small a mind this idiot has? Or was he chosen to be President of Umno and Prime Minister BECAUSE he believed that Malaysia belongs to the Malays and that Umno must be in power to keep the Malays in political clover? It makes me wonder what the selection process in Umno is like…and is that selection process still in place when they recently chose Zahid Hamidi to be their President!  If it is, then Umno and the Malays who support Umno can bungkus tilam and take a hike because nothing can save Umno from the inevitable end that the results of GE14 has condemed it to….and that is to the backwaters of politics. 

The strength of the Malay Party in Pakatan Harapan does not come from the non-Malays! It comes from the leaders it now has. The leader of Pakatan Harapan is a Malay simply because he is the most deserving amongst them all to be it’s leader.   

The strength of ANY Malay party does not even come from the Malays….it now comes from the electorate that consists of all Malaysians.

The strength of ANY political party, as GE 14 has told us, comes from the votes cast by the Rakyat during an election. And in GE14 the elctorate casts their votes for Pakatan Harapan.  And that gave Pakatan Harapan, the strength to topple Umno and the Barisan Nasional that Umno leads. The Rakyat has voted Umno out because of the corruption and the arrogance of its leaders.  And you, najib razak, was the leader of Umno when Malaysians said enough of corruption and enough of arrogance. You, najib razak, will be remembered by your children and those of your future generation as the bangsat responsible for the destruction of that once mighty political entity call Umno. And nothing you can do now, or ever, will wipe that fact from history. 

While those with some degree of intelligence and self awareness can work out for themselves what is happening around them and understand to what extent they are responsible for their own predicament…najib does not have the common sense or the sense of self awareness to work these things out for yourself. He does seem to be aware that Mahthir will not cut a deal with him. He does not seem to be aware that all the millions he has stashed in parts unknown will not be of any use to him once he is in his current predicament i.e the same predicament that this monkey found himself ….greed got the better of the monkey, greed got the better of Najib. Najib never had enough sense to understand when he had to stop from plundering and pillaging our country and run before he was caught. As he is caught now!

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Umno has moved on. All those people who kissed and worshipped the very ground he walked on, has moved on. His children are no longer the siblings of a prime minister and are dealing with that reality. The same for his siblings. The only thing he has to look forward to is what time he  has left before he stands trial. Once in court he will be totally strip naked of any dignity he still has left and the realisation that jail time will come next, will totally destroy any vestiges or shred of self respect he might still have for him own self. And all this Najib deserves to have happen to him because in the past he has subjected many many individuals to the same treatment. 

The only question left to be answered is simply this : What will the powers that be do to Rosmah Mansor? This vain and inglorious bitch/witch is the very personification of greed and evil the likes of which this nation has never known and will not want to know ever. She, much more then anyone else, is responsible for the predicament of her husband…the hapless, spineless and queen controlled najib razak. Enough said.