Hi guys…been a while in between postings for me! Maaf! Let me give an update of what has been going on in Fitzroy…that part of Melbourne where I live.

First my wife and I want to give our grateful thanks to all of you who have helped us with donations that has enabled us to proceed with the purchase of a special wheelchair for my wife. It will take two to three weeks for delivery and we will keep you guys posted of developments. Once again ….many thanks. My wife’s condition is stable. After almost five years of being first diagnosed with Dementia, we are grateful that all is well with her health. I am looking forward to being able to take her outdoors again when we get her the wheelchair and start meeting people around the neighbourhood again….and of course take her grocery shopping and for walks around the parks in Melbourne. Life is good.

My grand daughters have grown considerably! I must confess that I have yet to see Sofie, and Izzy, I last saw over six or seven years ago! Yes I know it is heart breaking that it is so…but we have to learn to live with these things….but we do not forget them and I hope they will not forget that we are here in Melbourne….and of course my daughter Terrina I have not seen for just as long….but Canada is a long long way from Melbourne….and so we adjust to that reality. Both Canada and Melbourne are a long long way from Bangsar…our Kampong in Malaysia! Maybe when the stars align in heaven…we may all meet again. 

All else is good with us. I am always grateful for waking up every morning and have all the people that I love around me…even if they are many thousand of kilometres in Canada. I never tire of life…..for I know I myself can make it  as interesting as I wish or want it to be. All that I sometimes also wish….is that you all too see life as I do….and that is….go live life as you want to…and damm anything else!!!