Deeply Saddening:

The ‘Custodian of the two Holy Mosques’ Centre in England , held an exhibition entitled: “Introduction to Islam”. This exhibition was attended by a Da’ee, who was already living there. He told us the following story :

A Scottish man came and wandered around the exhibition. He greeted me and we spoke for a while. I then asked him if there was anything he wanted to know about Islam.

He said: ‘no, no thanks. I don’t like the theory that we are used to hearing. You see, I have lived among you in several Arab ‘Muslim’ countries and for many years and I read a lot about Islam, I know a great deal about it!

So I asked him: “what do you know about Islam?”

He said: “Islam is a beautiful, fascinating religion that organises your relationships with others, Muslim or non-muslim alike , it teaches you how to worship your lord in a clear manner, how to treat your parents , your wife, your children, your neighbours and the community in general, etc. WHEREAS your actions do the exact opposite of what you claim, because:

@you lie
@you swear
@you steal
@you don’t respect time
@you slander each other
@ you are chaotic you don’t like organisation
@ you belittle each other
@ you are racist
@ you wrongly take each others wealth
@ you are not concerned with cleanliness
@ you respect the rich and humiliate the poor
@ the law in your lands is applicable to some, but not others!

Then he said: “oh I’m sorry, you look disturbed? “

I said to him: “take what is in the book, forget the conduct of the individuals”.

He shook his head and said:
“You’re wasting your time and money by running these exhibitions, for perhaps we know you better than you know yourselves!!
“Go back to your magnificent book, implement the principles and manners contained therein, and when you perfect the implementation, you will find the nations entering your religion in droves, without the need for exhibitions like this. We are people who are more interested in visible results in reality as opposed to what is read in a book.