I tried…but I have not been able to write anything that I would want to post on this blog for the past one week!!! I get this writer’s block once in a blue moon…very blue moon. There is no point in me fighting my mind’s inability to allow me to write…so I go with the flow. In times like this…I listen to music. Christine Perfect rendition of “I’d rather go blind” dates back to the time I was in London in the early 60’s…no other version touches me as much as this one does….and through the decades, it has not lost it appeal to me in times when I need to find myself again…as I am trying to now.   

London was time when nothing much was of any concern to me but living life the way I wanted to live it. And so it has been from then until now….always living life as I wanted to live it. The other constant in my life has been my dear wife…Lucy. We met in London, moved in together soon after and within months got married. I was 21 and she 23….and we are still together now in Melbourne…me 72 and Lucy 74….over five decades of being together. Wooha! She gives me as much joy and happiness as she did when we first met but I do not know how she thinks of me for the past three years – for her dementia has taken away from her, among other things, her ability to talk….but all things considered,life is good.

We have lived in Melbourne for the past five years. A hell of a long time considering that before Melbourne, we have never lived in any city or any country, for more that two or three years at a time. Living in Melbourne this long has had a calming effect on my wanderlust. Maybe it is old age, maybe it is the condition of my wife…maybe I have found my Shangrila….but I am totally cured of my wanderlust. These days I I do three things with my life. Take care of my wife, blog and live life…in that order. Maybe I can say that blogging is also a way of life…but if given a choice between doing something I want to do with my life….like going fishing or just sit and do nothing…I prefer to blog. The thing about blogging is that it absolutely makes no demand of me. I do it because I want to. Writing everyday is not a problem to me…and not writing for a week as had been the case this last week…is also not a problem to me. I would think that I am one of those “stress free” bloggers around.

It is now 11.20 pm on a Friday night. My wife is in bed beside my desk and she is in between sleep and watching TV. We are into our first week of Winter but the tonight the night is warm enough for me to be in a sarong and T shirt and slipper. As I said it has been a week since I last wrote anything I wanted to post on my blog…so I am trying to kick start my writing again by this “cakap cakap” piece. So far it seems to be working. A few things has started to kick around in my head….what to write about and whom to write about…the King for starters….and so I will end this now and start on the Mr King.