They sacked him from Petronas 
They removed him from Proton 
They took away his bodyguards 
They stripped him of his titles 
They chided him for being old and senile 
They declared his party illegal 
They cut away his photos from election banners and posters
They sabotaged his plane and tried to deny him the chance to file his nomination papers
They called up his wife for interrogation 
They tried to deny him victory and his premiership 
They made him wait at the palace for hours; 

But heaven has eyes 
And today he stands tall and mighty 
Those who did him (and the country) wrong and harm
Now hide with their tails between their legs! 
The cans are opened and bared for all to see 
The worms which had infested the country for so long. 
They thought they were clever and stole by the billions
Shared with their minions
And believed cash was King 
Stashing away their loots in four five places
Perhaps a lot more elsewhere
But the arms of the law are long 
And now, banned from flight
There isn’t any hole to hide
Judgement day is drawing nigh
Where shall they be
From north to south,
And east to west,
The fire and justice shall roll
Where shall they be
How will it be with their rotten souls
Where shall they be?
To hell! I would say!

Credit to Tn. Iqbal Azim