This is what I wrote on 11th March 2018…about two months before GE14. It feels good to revisit that time when we have lost all confidence in all things Malaysian and all we then had was the audacity of hope : 

We have but a few months…may be weeks, left of the time still available to us, to change what has become an intolerable, untenable regime perpetrated upon us all, by Umno Malays with the complicity of a few infidels. Anger, rage, disappointment, waiting for ALLAH’s retribution upon these corrupt leaders in Umno, or even Karma, will not win us GE 14. By all means continue to beseech ALLAH and continue to put your hope in Karma to make right what is wrong in Malaysia today, but until we hear from ALLAH and Karma, we must now help ourselves before it is too late.

What we have on our side now is momentum. A growing anger and rage focussed on that most obvious symbol of all that is wrong in our beloved Malaysia : the two Idiots! Everything that is wrong in Malaysia today begins and ends with these two. Abuse of high public office, lying, cheating, scamming, fraud, arrogance and of course, GREED…these two are the embodiment of all that and more! So yes, continue to focus your anger and rage at these two.

That momentum must continue to grow. There is now so much energy within us all flowing with the tidal wave moving towards the two Idiots, towards the Umno led BN and towards all those things that Mohd Maseri Nik talked about …PDRM, Immigration, KDN, military, MACC, EIC, and others…..all the others that have prostitute themselves for dedak….. IRWAN SEREGAR, THE AG, THE IGP, MANY MANY KSU’S, THE BANKERS, THE GENERALS and more, many more ….all those individuals, who by their deeds, have committed treason against our beloved Malaysia.

Against all this we have to impose our will and use our numbers to neutraiize and render them unable to be of any consequence to the two Idiot and umno in GE 14. This we can easily do because we the people, already have the numbers…and when we cast our votes,for sure our numbers will be enough for PH to do government in a fair and free election.

But this will NOT be a free and fair election.

In the previous articled I posted….December 2016 : Di PWTC …you have seen that whatever umno has said it will do then, it has done. PAS is with them. Race has been used effectively to make DAP into the Devil that the Malays must be wary of. Umno have make umno Islam’s champion…the champion that will prevent “Melayu debunuh di tanahair sendiri”. All this together with Gerrymandering, the use of Medium 3M etc etc can, iff allowed to do so, can neutralise the momentum of the tidal wave now bearing down upon the two idiots, upon umno and upon their cohorts.

We must now not only maintain the tidal momentum, but also take it upon ourselves to build cohesion among us all. We must ensure that we do not break ranks when push comes to shove when the election begins. We can do this with PEOPLE’S POWER!

To do this…we must know each other better. We must meet, talk, discuss, strategise, encourage, remind and give strength to each other in our endeavours to put PH into Putrajaya. Many of you are already doing this…it is time every one who is on our side, also do this.

Start meeting and greeting each other. Get to know each other…and start forming a bond with each other…keep in touch and know where our friends are …so that when we need each other to come out in support of PH, we are ready and able to do so. You do not have to know everybody…form small groups with others who you know will do more then just vote for PH. There are millions of us out there…it is time we get together in readiness for GE 14. …and then when Tun Dr Mahathir gives his clarion call for us to move….we will be ready.. and when the people are ready to demonstrate PEOPLE POWER..nothing can stand in their way. And this I can tell you all….Tun Dr Mahathir, Lim kIt Sinag and PH will have need for PEOPLE POWER if they are to do government. You and me are the PEOPLE….you and me are the POWER. Go get PEOPLE POWER organised and ready for GE 14.

Let us start this here…use this space to meet others and let us begin PEOPLE POWER with a vengeance so that we will win back our beloved Malaysia. LAWAN MESTI LAWAN!