Selamat Pagi Malaysia…positives vibes all around !!!

I somehow lost a day over the weekend…thinking Sunday was Saturday. How that happened I am unable to explain but I think trying to master the intricacy of this website has something to do with it. No can do! Try as I could, it is still a work in progress and I am yet to be able to write my thoughts down as I use to do when I was on Facebook and my steadyaku47 blog. Sometimes I even have to gostan because the flow of thought stops as I come across another hurdle in trying to get videos and images posted where I want it to be posted on the article I am writing. My long suffering Malcom, my website developer, has got to put up with many sleepless nights and patiently guides me through the whole process…and I continue to learn from day to day. If Tun Mahthir can do government at 92 then I can do this at 72 !!!

But as I said in the first line of this post….”positive vibes all around”. 

I am sure you guys go to work in the morning with that “oomph” sense of “all is good” and with the knowledge that now OUR country, OUR future and OUR well being are in the good, safe hands of Tun and his team in Pakatan Harapan. Those of us travelling outstation, or going through tolls, pay these dues with a sense of “it’s ok, I am not putting money into the pockets of those BN cronies anymore”…because you know that this PH government will soon ensure that the tolls we pay will not go towards further enriching the cronies of BN.

We go to government departments, JPJ, Immigration and Putrajaya with a renew sense of purpose to do what we have come to do with the government, secure in the knowledge that we will be treated in the manner we expect to be treated and that dedak, if not already a thing of the past…will soon be a thing of the past.

And I sure we now look at each other with just that hint of a smile on our face that tells the others that “we have done this together”…. we the Rakyat is King ….not Cash!!! Smiles all around and now the talk in the warong and anywhere you guys go to have your teh tarik and roti canai is all about the future and all about what is to come for all of us : we are all pulling together to make Malaysia great again !!!

This message from Peter Terrence D’Cruz that I got just minutes ago tells how I am feeling about the messages you guys have been sending me…It makes me feel that “oomph ” too. Life is good. 

Peter Terence D'Cruz

Peter Terence D’Cruz Come over Hussein Abdul Hamid, it will be my pleasure to be your chauffeur from the airport. And share a meal or two. Thank you for continuing to inspire all of us to take control of the country and drive it to where we all enjoy the rewards of a vibrant country.