Thinking of home…thinking of Bangsar…thinking of life as I remember it when my parents were still with me…my dear wife and my two kids all good…and my late father was there to keep us all safe and secure…my dear mother the rock that held us all together !!! Now there is only me, my dear wife and my two children and their family that is my immediate world. Still together for now and I hope for as long as life is within us all. And for all that I now have…I am grateful.

I just wish that for my two brothers, Mann and Payne, and my dear dear sister Ayoh in KL…I only hope that for you all too…life is good.

Life is what you make of it and what I have of it now is all that I have dreamed and yearned to have from the time I was able to know what I want of life. No financial worries because I have learned to lived on a pension that is enough to keep body and soul together…though…I must admit…not enough to have some of the things we want from time to time. And for these wants…I ask for help…as I did a week ago when I asked for help from you guys to get my wife a Wheelchair as the one she now has,no longer suits her needs. I am overwhelmed by the kindness that many of you have shown to us by donating towards the cost of the Wheelchair. Thank you…thank you so much. I will update you on what is happening on that on Monday.

As is my habit…when I want to write from my heart…I do so listening to Broery’s “Sabar Menanti” because it makes me think of the time my dear wife was still herself before the ravages of advanced dementia has taken most of her from me….dementia or no dementia…we are still together and life is still good for both of us….and we are still in love….very much with each other….the same love that I see my Bapa and Emak had for each other though their lives together. Please…those of you who still have parents to go to…go and tell them of your love for them and give thanks for all that they have done for you….and do not forget your own family too. Your wife, your husband, your children and their families…tell them and show them that you love and care for them. I have not seen  my daughter for almost a decade and I miss her desperately…but we are close and I have already told her I love her this morning….and so life goes on and, whatever your difficulties…everything must pass. Sabar menanti.

Enough about me. Have a good weekend…Life is Good !!!