Life is good when we see that the umno led BN is where it deserves to be….in the rubbish bin !!!

There are so many “stories” out there about what happened, what is happening and what will happen in the coming days that I am at times “konfuse” as some of our confused friends like to tell us about the state of their own mind….but fret not…change has finally come….what we need to donor is to pace ourselves with the “new normal” that is trying to find its place in our Malaysia baru !!!

It is good to see our Prime Minister having “buka Puasa” with the family of our Minister of Defence. Not in a five star Hotel …but in a terrace house around a table without enough elbow room to swing a cat! It is good to see the Minster of Finance “talking to” and not “talking down” to reporters when he is asked about what his Ministry is doing about the mess our country is in. And yes guys…I have noticed that the Minister of Finance is a non-Malay (I do not know if that is an acceptable word to use…after all Marina Mahathir have told us that everyone of us are now Malaysians)… but he really is a non-Malay ma!!! How many of you were alive when we last had a Chinese as a Minister of Finance??? I was was !!! So no big deal for me.

How about the bundles and bundles of cash being carted away by PDRM from the houses of those thieving umno leaders??? Ajaib tapi Benar….people deal with cash because you cannot trace from where it comes and to where it is going…go ask the money launderers…that is what they do. So put two and two together and you start to understand why umno leaders prefer to deal with cash…enough said.