Selamat Pagi Malaysia…10.14 am. Saturday. Melbourne.

For those of you who remember those crazy weeks before GE14 you, you must know that being able to start blogging past 10am on ANY morning is a luxury we can only dream of then. Today this is the “new normal”…we all wake up on a Saturday when we want to wake up…not when we have to. So chill a little and shoot the breeze….enjoy life.

As you guys know, I am now focussed on migrating everything that I do on the Net to – it is a work in progress and I do so because when all is done, I will be able to just focus on just that one site and linked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my steadyaku47 blog and everything else that I use to do on the Net onto that one website. I have wanted to do this for almost a year now…..and now it is a done deal. Please guys stay with me through this process of developing and making this site into the one that could work out better for you and me. Let me tell you that I am having a hell of a time making my tired old 72 year brain learn the ins and outs of how this new website work. The only consolation is that Malcom, the guy in charge of this change, tells me that once done, life would be easier, better and less stressful for me because everything will be streamlined and connected….so please guys…dont hantam me until the process is complete. How many more days will that take? We do not know for sure because when I was blogging under steadyaku47 the traffic was steady at around 20K to 30K clicks a day….this week it has doubled in…so in all, it is a work in progress to get a server (whatever that is !!!) to be able to service this site.

So for now…it is back to Facebook to keep you guys inform of progress and to post anything else I might have…and back to that cup of strong Nescafe to help me through the process…..Life is good.