Selamat Pagi Malaysia…OUR Malayisa !!!

Friday is always a good day for me. The weekend beckons and somehow, from decades of being conditioned that weekends are good, my whole being is calmed and beguiled into believing that the next two days…Saturday and Sunday…will somehow be good for body and soul. I am sure that is how it is for many of you too. And so as the world turns we take solace in the knowledge that there are many good people in Putrajaya now doing government as expected of them. Accountable, responsible with courage and commitment to making our Malaysia great again…if not esok, then in the not too distant future. Happy days are here again.

I am sure that many of my fellow bloggers may be suffering from “what to do” syndrome. What to do when there are no scandals to report on. What to do when Flying Hippo wings have been cut and all she does is languish in Langgak Duta with nowhere to go, no one to scatter and demonize at her whims and fancies and no Jet planes to whisk her here and there to cater to her inflated sense of self anymore.

What to do when Najib no longer swish and swash himself as a Bugis Warrior are meant to do and the only place of note that he has deemed himself fit to grace with his presence has been Pekan and Bukit Aman?

You must not forget Rizal Mansor…gone abroad I am told, possibly to sulk in palatial abodes that he has purchased with money stolen from people and places still unknown. A host of other idiots, ball carriers, ass lickers and hangers-on that makes their living from the fortunes of this Mr and Mrs Idiot are now, themselves, facing much misfortunes. I remember the hand kissing, the sing a longs, the dancing and all those things that people do to gain favours and blessings from their masters. I remember to the spectacles of so many people that accompanies these two idiots every time they move from A to B. Truly any King or Emperor would be envious of the ostentatious life that these two Idiots lived. Lived at OUR expenses. Lived without any thought to what Karma would do to them once Karma comes knocking at their door.

Today Karma has not only knocked on their door…but is looking for them in every nook and cranny that they may think of hiding….and in all this madness this Idiot thinks that he is being hounded and persecuted by a vengeful Pakatan Harapan. As always…these two idiots live a life totally devoid of reality and any sense of grace and balance. Reality will bite soon…very soon, when they are required to plead…Guilty or not Guilty in front of those whose task would be to prosecute them for what they have done to our country, to our future and to all of us long-suffering Rakyat…and it cannot come too soon !!!

To my fellow bloggers who do not know what to do today, tomorrow and the days ahead…let me tell you what I am going to do. I will do as I please…not as YOU please. I will today take time to think what I will have for lunch and dinner and spend quality time with my dear wife. I will cater to her every whim and sit down with her for as long as she wants me to. Blogging can wait ! Life is good.