Sirul…Nak buat deal dengan Tun konon !!!

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As the dust settles after GE14 we begin to see Idiots emerging from the rubble and rubbish that was once umno. Of course there are no bigger idiots then the two idiots who were once occupants of Seri Perdana. Mr and Mrs Idiot are the mother of all idiots. Hands down I declare them Idiot number one and idiot number two.

Now who are the other idiots in and outside of umno? Tony Fernadez, Khairy Jamaluddin and Sirul Azhar Umar heads the list. Enough has been said of Tony and KJ about themselves to confirm their place in the upper echelons of idiots… need for anybody else to get involved !

Hot on their heels comes Sirul Azhar Umar !

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