Hi…just want to share with you the joys and angst…mostly angst…of learning how to develop (successfully !!!) a web page. That is what I am doing now with steadyaku47.com with the assist of Malcom (a very patient and savvy IT guy).

Let me explain why I am doing so.

I have FB, a blog at steadyaky47, a steadyaku47 on face book and a few other sites that I have lost track of. By this week all that I do on the Net will be focus on this website and all that I do and have done on all the other sites will be available on this site. Easy for you to access. Easy for me to work on. I think this is what some of you will call a “win win” situation.

This last one week has been a steep learning curve for me. In the past a “markdown” to me, is something that happens in contact sports. …today I know different after watching  “Introduction : What is Markdown?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdM8gycxGjE. I have watched that video twice…it still does not compute ! And there is still another video I must watch “Markdown Crash course” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUBNt18RFbo. So how? All this I must understand if I am to navigate the development of this website with ease. So bear with me while I do so. By next week…if you still want to read what I write and look into what I do…please go to steadyaku47.com

Apart from this self imposed angst, life is good. Winter is here and I am enjoying one of life great joys in Winter…having a very hot steamy shower in the morning and getting into a warm and cozy bed at night…..perchance to dream of the good times ahead for all Malaysians, for my family and for me. Over and out.