10.31 am…late start to the day ! And it sure feels good to be able to do so. No pressure. The battle in K Hell is won. Good people in government. The Rakyat are not yet dancing in the streets…but celebrations have started to break out anywhere Malaysians are gathered. It augers well for the future of the next generations of Malaysians to come. You and me can breathe a sigh of relief.

As for the new PH government…these are early days. Trust but verify. Give them the benefit of the doubt but if they stray too much from the straight and narrow we must not hesitate to tell them so….and speaking of the straight and narrow….there are already some red flags coming up.

Why are there leakage from within PDRM as to what they are doing in the ongoing investigations re the two Mr and Mrs Idiots? What have been seized, confiscated, taken or whatever it is that the Police do when they come across stuff that could be used for evidence against any wrong doings of persons they are investigating….why is PDRM showing them to the public? Is this standard procedure? Have then been instructed to do so by their superiors or …heaven forbid…by the PH government? As much as they Rakyat are keen to know about these things…PDRM must do their work without fear or favour. We want a Police Force with integrity and one upon which we the Rakyat can once again have faith in. There is still much to be done within PDRM to get to that “taraf”. Much much more…!!!

We are not deaf and blind to the ugly  in fighting within PH for the political spoils of the victors of the recent GE14. It sickens me to the core to see this being done in the public domain. It is one thing to harness the public anger and contempt the Rakyat has for Najib and BN and use that to gain victory for PH…but another for those within PH to try to use the public to gain them traction in their attempts to gain political advantage for their own vested interests. Let me me say this with more clarity : PKR heal thyself ! Get your house in order first before you start tearing down the house that Tun and PH is now building. Leave Selangor alone. They have a capable and proven MB in Azmin Ali….not perfect, but so far so good. Enough said.

The Rakyat are clamouring for the arrest and trial of those who are guilty of outright theft, abuse of political and public office for personal gain …and of course, for Karma to visit those who are guilty of treason against our beloved Malaysia. Just remember this…Tun has emphasised time and time again…”The Rule of Law” must prevail. So chill brothers and sisters…there will be no lynching party, no citizen’s arrest, no posse formed by questionable characters giving their two cents worth of the current situation outside the Idiot residences at Langgak Duta…and certainly no hanging until Judge and Jury have agreed that there be one !!! Yes the natives are restless…but rest they must lest the powers that be are forced to bring their restlessness to heel.

Enough for now. One final word to my brother and sister bloggers…remember we report the news….do not become the news !!!