I try to live within my means. I have all that I need to keep body and soul together… but there are still a few things I want in my life. We miss our grand children and want to visit them ….but my wife can no longer travel….and so it remains a want that we have learned to live without….but all things considered, life is good.

Early this year we were told that my wife now requires a another wheelchair to support her curved spine if she is to be able to leave the house to go anywhere. In March we received a quotation for that wheelchair Aud $7409 (Seven Thousand Four hundred and Nine dollars). Wooha !!!

If I need help…I ask. So I am asking for your assist, whatever the amount, to help towards the purchase of the wheelchair. If you can help there is a Pay Pal donation button on this website …please click to donate. If it is more convenient by Bank details are as follows : 

People’s Choice Credit Union : Hussein Bin Hamid : BSB 805 050 : Account Number : 4395862 : Melbourne. Australia.

Thank you.



58-62 Star Crescent
Hallam VIC 3803
Ph: 03 9796 3399
Email: [email protected]


NeuroRehab Allied Health Network 3 Canterbury Street Deer Park
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Patrick Dodds 0405 760 433 Phone: Fax:
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Client Details

Loukia ‘Lucy’ Hussein

Quotation No 96238

ABN: 30 853 470 301

Date: Contact: Phone: Delivery ETA:

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05.03.2018 Geoff Way 03 9215 4917 6-8 WEEKS


Ph: ZAC 0415 573 147 | 03 9044 3964 We have pleasure in submitting a quotation for the following products as per the following details:

Item Description


– Seat size 16″x 16″
– Complies to Australian Standards
– Wheelchair Warranty Period 12 Months

B116R 1 Inch Pelvic Obliquity Build up Right F119


Quickie SR45 Tilt in Space Manual Wheelchair


Newton Angle adjustable footplates


Gel Ovations Calf Support Panel + 3rd Strap (2 piece)


Jay J2 Deep Contour Seat Cushion, 16″ x 16″



Jay Fluid Supplement, 6 or 8oz


Jay 2 Inch Adductor Wedges


B113J HB405M-A2h-M$247.00

BP Padded Hip Belt, Ctr-Pull, 4-pt, Push-Button, Med, Fra

meSaver, Cin1c

EDB1516 Matrx Elite Deep Backrest – 15″ x 16″ MMCHR

– to support LHS 476L52=SK01

S/U Set Up Cost DEL

Magic Mobility Custom L-Shaped Headrest (Plus Mounting


O5tto Bock Headrest Mounting Hardware, Multi-Axis Offset,

Black 1

Fold Down Back canes,pair


Delivery with a Linds Technician


** The details on this quote, remains intellectual property of Linds Rehab Equipment.**

Subtotal $7,374.95 Tax $35.00 Order Value $7,409.95

I ________________________ accept the above quotation and its conditions. Signed ___________________, Date _____/_____/________

Yours Faithfully

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We will proceed upon receipt of an official order, or if a private sale, a deposit of 20% is required on time of order and full payment is to be made prior to, or at a time of delivery.

Trusting that this is acceptable.

Geoff Way