KJ bungkus already… his house is now deserted! Prior to that buzzing with life …2 weeks of 5 x a day meals for the kampung folks! Now the caterers are finding it near impossible to claim their balance …each caterer submitted a Bill of 49K for ikan sembilang ..roti canai n fried taugeh!! Lol…they all play with $$ .. all the BN machai-s main duit! Kampung folk who came back for voting never got their claims .. machai ran off with 3K ..itu pun they all songlap! We all drove to the polling stations when BN supposedly provided 20 cars each given RM150.00. The polling stations are just a stone’s throw away from where most of us live! .. so much about BN’s money politics. Now there’s no $$$ no KJ ..no machai’s to be seen. All gone quiet…padan muka!