It is 9.37 am here in Melbourne. A new dawn, a new day, a new beginning and once again with pride, hope and great expectations, Malaysia once again belongs to all Malaysians. 
The last conscious thought on my mind last night as i I was about to fall into deep sleep was simply this….and I must say that it was very selfish of me to think so….it was simply that I can go home when I want to and pray at the graves of my late Father and Mother in Ampang once again before I too,close my eyes. 
And this morning all that I wanted to see in the first few days of this momentous new beginning is for Tun Dr Mahathir to instruct PDRM : “TANGKAP NAJIB”…and of course the rest of those scums and dedak infested scoundrels that have been part and parcel of a rotting and decayed BN government that will now have to answer for what they have done in the name of Government. 
No, I do not want revenge. I do not want to gloat and ridicule Najib, Rosmah, Zahid, Hishamuddin, Nazri, Bung Mokhtar, Mat Maslan, Hadi, Isa Samad, Sharir, Apandi, Irwan Seregar, Hashim Abdullah, Surayati Binti Ibrahim, Dzulkifli Ahmad,Tony Fernandez, that Tweet of an ex IGP Khalid, Shafee, Azzez, Jho Low, and a host of other dedak infested individuals that have collaborated with this insidious BN government to perpetuate Najib’s thieving of our Nations resources….no…no revenge….just allow the Law of the land and an independent judiciary decide on what is their dues !!! 
There is much work to be done by Tun, Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim…but we know what they will have to do and what they must do…their promise to us needs go be fulfilled…cakap mesti serupa bikin. We must not forget the courage of Mahyuddin and those who have come to our side to fight the good fight against Najib and BN…and of course we must not forget those that have taken Najib’s side for financial or personal gains. 
They took their chances…however stupid their decision may be….but they declared themselves to be against the wishes of the Rakyat of Malaysia…and for that, they will also face the consequences of their actions. Tony Fenandez must be wetting himself thinking of what is to come in these coming days!
Enough for now….I want to go and read the comments you guys posted on my Facebook…and to the many many friends that have shared and contributed to making our Facebook interesting and informative…and I hope at time entertaining…. thank you so very much.