I have received a letter concerning 840 acres of Tanjung Aru Land linking to a loan from China Govt through Federal Finance Ministry as a guarantor.
It would seem to me that the government of Malaysia, and supported by the state government of Sabah, has agreed to use land, that comes under TAED, which they valued at RM3.6 billion as collateral for Hybrid term loan from China government.
The ministry of finance (federal) is the guarantor and it was greed that a 4 percent interest be charged.
Apparently, the Board of Directors of TAED, comprising mainly civil servants who will do Musa Aman’s bidding, have agreed to the deal and given their stamp of approval. 
I would like to ask Musa Aman in particular, and also Najib Razak, if this is true.
1. You know what has happened, They have charged the TAED land to a foreign country. What if we fail to repay the loan. China can then come in and take over the land. They will then own that piece of land which Sabahans especially those in Tanjung Aru, have enjoyed for many many decades.
2. One must understand the way China likes to do business, They have taken over much land in foreign countries like Jamaica, Sri Lanka and several others in the African continent.
3. There are already numerous China projects in Malaya, including the now infamous ECRL or east coast rail 
4. When the China company take over the project, you know what will happen, they bring in their own workers, procurement of maetrials will come from China. Only a tiny part will be Sabahan.
5. The terms and conditions of TAED will no longer be the same. China might never allow Sabahans to go to Tanjung Aru again.
Now I would like to ask Musa, if indeed it is true that despite all the beautiful things he had said abut TAED, and what Sabah would be proud of, provide many jobs for Sabahans etc. that the land has been charged for a loan.
And what is the loan for, if indeed it is true
My stand ; 
1. its an acknowledged fact that tourism is one of the pillars of the state economy.
2. We are not against development for the greater good of the economy that will benefit the state , its people and the environment.
But it cannot be done at the expense of the state people and the environment.
with the revelation of these documents, i want Musa Aman to come clean as they owe Sabahans a big explanation. There is every possibility that we could lose a piece of our heritage to a foreign country and this is serious matter.
And I also want to add here is that if a loan is indeed needed, why dont state government and TAED charge the land to a consortium of local banks? at least in the event of default the land is still in malaysian hands and not foreigners.
I look forward to hearing from Tan Sri Musa Aman that whether this is true or not. 
Thank you
Junz Wong 
Vice President Parti Warisan Sabah