Last night, just before I went to sleep, I received this:

“Tuan, sorry to disturb you at this hour. It just came to my mind about something unfavorable to happen. I received whatsapp message that advising people to stock up food and have some cash in hand during and after the election. What bother’s me the most is the possibility of riot. In 1969, the election was held on 10th of May and on the 13th of May we experienced the infamous riot. We all know who was the PM during that period of time. You are a wise man and perhaps you could look into any unforeseen possibilities. Is there something being planned? Please enlighten us”.

And this is my reply this morning to SV.
Good morning SV. I read your message to me late last night just before I went to sleep and promised myself that I will reply to it first thing this morning. It is now 6.33 am in Melbourne and here is my reply. The Malaysia of May 1969 is not the Malaysia that we now have in 2018. We Malaysians, as a people, have become more aware of what is happening around us, what is happening to us and what our leaders in government are also doing in the name of government or for their own vested interest. No one, no group,no political party not even this corrupt Barisan Nasional government will be able to make us do what we do not want to do…and what we all do not want is another May 13. If anybody tries to incite any riot we will know and alert each other. If anybody tries to use religion or race as the spark to inflict harm or discord among us all, we will know. Today, social media is a tool we all have to communicate with each other in real time. And no sensible Malaysian today wants to see another May13 happening not only now….but at any other time in the future of our Malaysia. The fact that you, a non Malay, can ask me, a Malay about this speaks volumes of what we Malaysian have now become….we care for the welfare of each other…and that is why today we are all united in trying to change this corrupt, racist and arrogant Barisan Nasional government. So you do not have to stock up on food and have some cash in hand during and after the election…..we will take care of each other. I am one…with you we are two…let us see who else will be with us in these coming days as we all work towards making Malaysia OUR country, and believe you me SV, we the people will decide all this !!!