Selamat Pagi Malaysia !!! It is now 5.56 am Sunday. Let me share with you how I start my day today. I have been awake in my bed since 5 am, thinking and making notes of what I want to write about this morning. At 5.30 am I hobble to the kitchen, took a couple of pain killers to deaden the pain in my right feet because of my gout, made myself a cup of Nescafe and hobbled back to my room…rubbed some Eucalyptus Balm to soothe the pain, put on some socks to keep the morning chill away from my feet, put on a long sleeve shirt over the singlet I have on …. switched on the heater under my table… powered on my Mac…and I am ready to go.

These last few weeks, I have seen my role in this FB and my blog, more as someone whose responsibility is to share with you guys the happenings in our beloved Malaysia. We have many friends who are the eyes and ears that hears and sees everything that is happening around them….and these friends of ours tell me what we need to know, what we should know and what we must know about events and happenings leading to GE14. I read through them all…decide what I think is relevant and post them here in this Facebook and in steadyaku47 with comments where I think appropriate. And then I also write my thoughts to share with you guys….and all this I do with one purpose and one purpose only !!! To do all we can to assist Pakatan Harapan to win government in GE14.

And when I am not doing all this….I take care of my dear wife. Right now she is wide awake…no doubt awaken by my moving around the room and the faint clicking of my keyboard. When she is awake at this time of the morning, invariably, her attention is focussed on me and I assure her that I am aware that she is up and awake by looking her way and going over to her side of the bed to tell her that I love her, give her hugs and tell her to sleep some more as it is too early for her to be up. Whether she understand me or not is moot…but she seems calm and relax this morning…and soon I know she will fall asleep again.

I must now end this start up chat…go read and answer my emails and the comments you sent me…and start my day doing what I love to do….”talking” with you guys via Facebook and steadyaku47. One other thing before I end this “cakap cakap” ….just sharing with you guys one other “syiok sendiri” moment….my steadyaku47 clicks this morning is already 40,697….Life is good.