Yesterday I came upon this comment in one of the whatsapp group I am part of :
“On track record BN can win. We owe this much to the world for believing in us. Do our bit for King n country. Kalau bukan kita siapa lagi. Let us be more serious for once. Jangan alpa dalam mimpi kosong je. Salam dan Aamin”
and this is my reply…
I do not write what I am about to write lightly for I know that it will be read by my friends, my classmates and more critical…by my peers. Yes you are all my peers and being my peers I expect a certain level of grey matter, a certain ability to think and rationalise with grace and clarity, when we discuss issues and matters that affects us all. And nothing affects us all then what is to come after GE 14.
It is beyond my comprehension that there are among my peers, those who cannot see the corruption, the rot and the decay and the depths to which this once great, powerful and all conquering Malay party, umno, has now sunk to…unless these believers are also part and parcel of the corruption, the rot and the decay that we now see in umno….something to do with “you cant see the forest for the trees”….you are too close to a situation and you really need to step back and get a little perspective.
I can see the demise of all that is good and graceful with us Malays in umno and its leaders. Are you blind to the corruption within umno. Are you deaf to the repeated use of race and religion by umno to divide and rule this country and its people? Can you not use your mind to figure out what is right and what is wrong about a RM2.6 billion donation from the Saudis? About the 1MDB sovereign fund that is bleeding billions of ringgits? About that Malaysian Producer who put up the cash for “Wolf of Wall Street” and who is now the subject of the US DOJ investigation for money laundering etc. And if your memory is unable to go back that far…can you not see how SPR is now conducting this GE14 to advantage it’s political masters to the disadvantage of all of us?
You personally may have gained personally and financially from your service under this BN government….but brother you are one! There are millions of Malaysian that have suffered financially and some personally by the manner BN does government and more of concern to me…are you not able to understand that the problems and troubles of these millions of Malaysian should be of more concern to you then your own personal gains from your service with this BN government? If you cannot see beyond your personal gains….then I know for sure that this BN government has also failed you in making you what you are now : unable to see the forest for the trees. And for those of you who will tell me to be more civil in my discourse here…I only have this to say….when we see among us people who are making fools of themselves, is it not kinder that we tell them so then to allow them to make fools of themselves among others outside our circle? I rest my case…and a very god morning to one and all from me.