It is now 11.41 pm here in Melbourne. Cold. And my dear wife is asleep. There are many things in my head…too many to be able to prioritise and to try and construct some semblance of order and structure in the things I want to do tonight before I go to sleep….so I will have to write with my heart.
Victory in GE14 will not be easy for Pakatan Harapan. We are past the shenanigans of SPR whose duplicity and complicity with their political masters will put to shame even the political frogs that will surely emerge after the votes are counted in GE14. We are past the gerrymandering that has given the Idiot every available opportunity to cut and paste political boundaries to suit his vested interests…..but the dedak are still being shovelled out by the bucket full. Now the cup of the poor and the needy will runneth over. Sugar, beras, minyak dan petrol….will be given to those in need. This is fighting in the trenches for the Idiot and his BN electoral machinery… going for the one on one interaction with the voters ….the final onslaught before voting day. This requires cash. This requires handing out money to voters anywhere there are voters. On the streets, in the kampongs, in the markets….at petrol station.
Where is SPR? 
Who are enforcing the laws of our nation that says that paying people to vote for any political party is illegal? Where is common sense and decency as politicians pander to the most base of people’s needs…food on the table for votes. Enough said.
As I said earlier…Victory will not be easy…BUT it is not impossible. What I see below from our neighbours that dares to predict that Tun Mahathir will win GE 14 by a simple majority, fills me with hope. Trepidation yes…but still the audacity of hope gives me the courage to hope that Victory will come. ….and I do not mind sharing with you that when a dear friend of mine, who will for now remain nameless, sent me that image below….gout or no gout….I drag myself out of bed and sat down to write this so that I can share what is in my heart …and what is in my heart is simply this thought….WE CAN WIN. Amen.