May the 4th, Putrajaya_ – In conjunction with Star Wars Day, a fan fiction synopsis – *Prime Wars: His Last Jihad*, based on the last episode of the space saga _Star Wars: The Last Jedi_, has been officially released.
Fans of pop culture’s most successful franchise can find inspiration in the casting of Tun Mahathir Mohamad as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, among others, as imagined by the author.
An opening crawl short ‘trailer’ styled after the iconic films also gives a rousing feel for Malaysians facing the 14th General Elections, ending with an unexpected allusion to the politically-charged battle between the main parties – best hinted by quoting that famous phrase, “That’s no moon!”
The author being a Star Wars fan himself was moved to produce this work following Tun’s quip during the theatrical release of the actual movie not so long, long ago. He hopes it will spark enjoyment for fans (or foes) and looks forward to critical reviews, but especially wishes for such sentiments to be reflected in the outcome of their upcoming votes.
“`Short – Opening Crawl“`