How is it we deny these people the beauty of their own trees, which they share so generously with us?
How can we take away the calm hidden brook of solitude from the innocent womb of their wilderness?
How dare we deny them the rumbling thunder that speaks like a poem in their nights?
How dare we strip the skin of their earth and expose them to all manner of vulnerabilities in the name of development and progress?
How can we ever stake possession of the lance of lightning strikes, hurled randomly and reckless like a lovers kiss in their forest of dreams?
How can we replace the song of the raging seas in a stirring storm when they experienced this first and knew it as nothing but a dew upon the flower of their lives?
How cruel that the original inheritors who heart shares an affinity with the earth are treated as second class citizens
How can we utter the prayer of a rainbow when we abandon them in the impoverished garden of their souls, while they languish and we watch the pillage and plunder from the shelter and comfort of our lives
How does one forget and forsake the turbulence within the wall of our conscience that compels us to search the deep well within our humanity and respective faith 
* To besiege those with the entrustment of governance 
* With the arrows of our voices 
* To express that this is an inexcusable and unacceptable wrong 

Which convicts and consigns us to unknown loneliness if we do nothing.