It is now way past midnight…early Monday. I am listening to Broery’s “Sabar Menanti”..over and over again…and while it plays in my head I write. 

Tonight I had dinner with the largest number of Malays in my 30 years in Australia…eight….all from KL. Good home cooked meal and good company. Decent and graceful people…the kind of people I remember from my days in K Hell decades ago. Good company. We talked of all things Malaysians… mostly politics mostly about what will happen to our grandchildren when we are gone. We are agreed that whoever wins or whoever loses…Najib must still go! And we are agreed that it will take at least two generations for things to begin to change for the better. Over 6000 km from K Hell and still we think of home!

One of them knows me as steadyaku47…and did ask me…”Who pays?” for what I do on the blog. I told him nobody does. I write from my heart and I do what I do because I can. And yes friends….nobody, not even Pakatan Harapan, pays me…. but I will also tell you that all this that I do on steadyaku 47 and my Facebook I will do because I love Malaysia. My country of birth, the country where my parents are buried and the place I still call”Negara Ku”…percaya lah!
With Broery Marantika playing in my head…my thoughts goes to my love…my wife. These past weeks I have spent time making her understand that I still need kisses from her…she can no longer hold me…but kiss me she still can when I put my cheek to her mouth. And she understands. I get many kisses everyday now.Life is good.
I do not know how long more I can keep to the workload I have set myself here on Facebook…but I can tell you this…this I will continue to do for as long as I physically can. It is labour of love…but it is till work. 
I thank you all for sending me your thoughts, your comments and things you want to share with me….and sometimes I get sent things that tugs at my heartstrings and makes all that I do here really worth my while…here is one I am sharing with you guys…..for everything that you guys share with me…for all the warm wishes you all send to me and my wife…for the love you all send to us….many many thanks. We love you all. 
and yes…I am still listening to Broery’s “Sabar Menanti”.