Friday, April 13, 2018

The kleptocrats are losing much support in Johor which has now become a front line State. They are desperate. 

Losing support of the Johor Malay voters. The Malays are of course closely identified with notions of bangsa, agama and negeri. 
They will pounce on any issue, any story and anything else that will help turn the Johor Malay voters against the Pakatan Harapan. There will be plenty of focus over the next few weeks on very sensitive Johore issues.
It will not be beyond them to put in place a strategy to put the Opposition and the Johor household in direct conflict. All Malays in the past usually fall back on the household. It is their identity. The Johor Malays are no less. This is being done in Johor because the State is moving towards the Opposition and this conflict may arrest the slide.
This could be another Pawn Game. 
Syed Akbar Ali at 8:16:00 AM