Guys…ini lagi satu cerita pasal that royal family down south…
In 2004, Ismail’s grandpa transferred all his land in Malaysia & Singapore to Ismail as trustee. However, those tasked to carry it out forgot to get Ismail to sign the trust deed. Ismail gave excuses to avoid meeting them to sign the trust deed.
In Jan 2010, grandpa passed away. His remaining assets (planes & choppers) should be distributed under Faraid. However, Ismail’s dad came up with an asset transfer document and backdated it to Sep 2009. They then asked grandpa’s trusted lawyer to sign the forged document as witness. The lawyer refused and was threatened. The lawyer subsequently took refuge in Dubai where he remained until he was arrested by Singapore police.
Meanwhile grandpa had divorced grandma under talak 2, but they reconciled eventually. That makes her a beneficiary to grandpa’s assets which the greedy son would not accept. So he directed the kadi to come up with a talak 3 divorce papers.
Bottom line: Ismail ended up with land worth billions of ringgit and the aircrafts.
For refusing to participate in this scheme, the lawyer is now being charged under CBT.
A company owned by the Johor sultanate wants a renegade lawyer to come back if he wants to clear his name of CBT.