Much have been said of Najib and Rosmah. Most it bad. What no one can dispute is simply this. There are a couple the likes of whom the Malays and Malaysians have not seen in the short history of our nation. 
There have been leaders who have used political power for their own ends before. None so much as Tun Dr Mahathir has done. Tun’s saving grace is that he had used political power more often then not, for the good of our nation. Najib, without any notable exceptions, have used political power for his own vested and financial interest….never the nation!

There have been leaders who used political power to advance the cause of the Malays and the Malay Language, none more so then Anwar Ibrahim during his time as Minister of Education. Anwar’s saving grace is that when required, he eschews the politics of race and became instead the rallying point for all Malaysians as leader of the opposition and is still that even now from within Sungai Buloh. Najib unashamedly use the politics of race to remind the Malays that their future would be threatened if the Chinese in DAP were to be given the mandate to form government.
There have been leaders who use Islam as the rallying cry to strengthen their political credentials as Aruah Tok Guru Nik Aziz did. Aruah’s TGNA saving grace is that when push came to shove, he was courageous enough to embrace DAP for the common good of Malaysians as he did in PRU13 and by so doing made PAS nationally relevant with meaningful representations in State governments. Najib used Islam soley as a political tool by buying PAS with copious amount of dedak that has forever tainted PAS, as Umno has been tainted by the politics of money. Najib also empowered religious authorities in Malaysia to act as an extension of umno to manage the Muslims according to the political agendas of Umno. 
Rosmah become the symbol of greed in Malaysia by which others are being measured against and none have been able to match or exceed her “achievements” to date…though it must be said that there are many in Umno and BN who are trying.
In these two are vested the failures and abject levels to which the Malays have now fallen to. As I have said earlier….we have not seen the likes of these couple ever before in the short history our nation…. and I sincerely hope,after GE 14, we will never see their sorts in the history of our nation…ever again!