Greed has bought them the entire Cabinet on side. Greed has bought then Isa Samad, Sharir Samad, Azeez and a herd of others who have all embraced that mantra “CASH IS KING”. And many others have willingly join them for the ride towards the getting of cash, cash and more cash. Are there enough of these dedak infested Malaysian animals to keep Rosmah and Najib in Seri Perdana? 
If truth be told, at this very moment in time, no one would be able to tell you what tomorrow will bring. Yes that is how fine the line is…the fortunes of BN and PH will be decided on a day to day basis until each ballot is cast and counted. Meanwhile, nyawa politic Najib dan Tun Mahathir di hujung pedang. 
For Rosmah and Najib, everyday is a nightmare of constant free flowing dedak required to “manage” their political fortunes favourably. It is a situation of their own doing, thought of, not, in a moment of madness, but one that is seen by both of them as being necessary given their lack of anything else that would endear them to those over whom they hold sway in BN, in the government, the Statutory Bodies and anywhere else that matters. 
Like the proverbial dog that is loyal to the master that feeds it, Rosmah and Najib feeds their “dedak infested” herd and in return demands unquestioning loyalty. The difference is that a dog can be satisfied with what it’s master feeds him and rarely asks for more. Dedak cannot quench the demands of any human…however much they are fed. And nobody knows this better then Rosmah and Najib, for their greed for dedak has yet to be satisfied despite the hundreds of mullions they already have stashed away in Kazakstan and in parts unknown around the Globe.
The Law of Evolution within umno today dictates that you must get rich.And that emotion flows through the veins of every umno member, their families and other Malays. How they get rich is of no concern to them and from this mantra flows all the evil and weakness that now seems to wash over every Malay….. for all Malays are guilty of same by race and religion. 
What GE14 will do is to separate the Good Malays from the Bad Malays. The Malays who are umno in name, umno by deed and in umno for what they can get for themselves out of umno, versus the Malays who are not. The division is startling given that the Malays are known to be partial to a “herd mentality” and are more comfortable in being pro-establishment rather then anti-establishment… but that is the new normal for those who are not with umno. 
From Tun Mahathir down to the Malays on the streets…and many many more Malays in between…the “new normal” Malays have all without fail, said to anyone who is listening, “ENOUGH”. 
What is now left to do for both sides of the divide and many many other Malaysians, is to undi and decide if the good Malays will triumph over the evil Malays. That decision will signal either the death of the Malays as a race or the start of a new beginning for the Malays that will tell all Malaysian that the intent of the Malays is to dismiss from their midst, all that umno has become – arrogant, greedy and arrogant. In this we should do all we can to ensure the good guys at PAKATAN HARAPAN is first past the line at GE14.
They are doing their part in Sabah! Are you doing yours?