When Simon was a child, his father was a renowned singer and loved to share his passion with anyone who would listen. So, when Ted’s Alzheimer’s really began to take its toll, Simon would load him into the car and drive around while they listened to the oldies. Even though Ted couldn’t remember his own name, let alone his son’s, there was something about the music that brought him back to the good ole days. Simon was blown away when his father started to sing along with the songs on the radio perfectly. Every note, pitch and lyric was imprinted on his father’s brain — and it all came rushing back when they were in the car together. These small moments were a relief to Simon. His father was still in there somewhere!

steadyaku47 comment : This reminds me of the times when my wife was still able to sing along to the oldies that she loved so much….these days she still listens off and one when I play the songs for her …and once in a blue moon I do still see her try to mouth the words to the song….and when she tries…it makes me smile. Life is good.
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