It is now 10.10pm. I have made my cup of Nescafe and soon will put my wife to bed.I anticipate a long night ahead of writing and putting my thoughts and aspirations of what is to come with GE14 onto my blog and here. 
Much will be asked from many of us by Pakatan Harapan to help them in any way we can to win GE14. This help that they ask of us will in most cases not be acknowledged by PH, not be thank for by PH, and if they do win GE 14, all this help that we give them, will be forgotten by PH. 
I say this not with the hope that I will be thank by PH for whatever it is that I do nor should any of you expect the same. Be prepared to contribute what we can and leave it at that. 
The only consolation that can be ours is simply this…if PH wins GE 14 it means that we have helped to put PH into government. And who we put into government, we can also take out! 
This will be the new normal from this time forth. The people rule….and we will not let the powers that be forget this rule.