In Malaysia, the pendulum swings across wide chasm of political divides with ease. Timing is everything if you want to take that leap and ride the pendulum to where you think your political agenda is best served. If you ask me three months back if PAS will play ball with the opposition…my informed and calculated opinion at that point of time will be “Are you kidding me!”.
Ask me today and we will be exchanging knowing looks and nods as we know that Pas is now holding on to that pendulum for their dear political life – unsure as to when and where to stop and get off!
Three months in politics is a long time. Much water has flowed under the bridge…..and where has the tide taken PAS to?
PAS that has been telling us that race and religion ties them irresistibly if not miserably, to Umno and that the commonality of race and religion transcends politics because their intent is noble. It is for ALLAH and for the Malay race!
Huh….since when has PAS intent has been noble under Hadi? 
The realities are simply this. Kelantan is already PAS, It is a done deal!
It is open season in Trengganu. PAS thinks Trengganu cannot be taken by Umno without their assist. Umno thinks with or without Pas, Trengganu is their to keep. And somewhere in there lies political hubris of the kind that umno excels in manipulating to its advantage.
Simply said….PAS want Umno to give them Trengganu whether Trengganu is taken by Pas or Umno or a Pas and Umno coalition or by anybody – the opposition included…PAS wants Trengganu!
What else does PAS wants?
Perhaps a PAS Menteri Besar in Kedah no matter who wins in Kedah….Umno, PAS or whoever lah!
PAS Ministers in Cabinet….again no matter who wins government!
And PAS wants to keep what they already have in Selangor too even if PKR still rules.
And dedak is of course always on the agenda of those within PAS already familiar with what “working” with Umno has brought them!
Does Pas really think that Umno will share with PAS what Umno already has and can win by themselves? PAS should ask MCA, Gerakan and MIC what Umno has given them costs them in terms of electoral support!
But PAS think it possible no? Was there not a time when PAS had a presence in Kedah and Perak…MB’s even? And there were PAS representatives in Selangor and Penang too.
Yes, again PAS dare to dream that the same is possible with Umno.
I will tell PAS what is possible with Umno.
Dedak is possible. Taking Trengganu from Umno is not. Having a PAS MB in Kedah is not. And maybe…just maybe….they will lose everything in Selangor no matter who forms government there.
And in politics, race and religion is merely a convenient crutch you use when you are “kurang upaya!”……and in Malaysia there is none so “kurang upaya” as PAS! So let us watch and see where the political wind will blow Hadi and gang in the foreseeable future.