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Let me share with you this video of Anwar Ibrahim hantaming Tun Dr Mahathir…a very old video. Why is this video making the rounds in Jakarta today? Why is this video going viral in Indonesia today? 
Go ask Zahrain…yes lah our Idiot in Indonesia appointed by another Idiot from Pekan. Zahrain the same frog who jumped from PKR to Umno! For betrayal of PKR, BN rewarded him with an appointment as ambassador to Indonesia. 
This is how Zahrain as our Ambassador in Indonesia deals with the adverse opinion that many many Indonesians has of Malaysia after the seizure of Equanimity and that severe abuse of the Indonesia Maid recently in Malaysia. He deals with the situation by making available this very old video of Anwar Ibrahim lambasting Tun Dr Mahathir.
Let me say this to that Idiot in the Malaysian Embassy….Zahrain watch what you are doing in Indonesia. There are many Indonesians who are unhappy in the manner you have conducted yourself in Jakarta. The Malaysian Government cannot guarantee your safety there if you try to “manipulate” the Indonesians. These Indonesians have a mind of their own…they know hoe corrupt Najib Razak is, how much dedak flows through the BN government and where the money to buy Equanimity comes from. They have also had enough of Malaysian physically abusing Indonesian Maids. Deal with these two immediate problems first instead of digging up past happenings that has nothing to do with the relations between Indonesia and Malaysia. 
Continue to do this and you will soon be heading for home courtesy of the Indonesian people. ZAHRAIN DO NOT BE A STUPID IDIOT…EVEN IF YOU WORK FOR ONE!