I am conflicted. Conflicted between NOT rocking the boat in which we Pakatan Harapan supporters are all in, trying to cross a wind swept and stormy seas towards what we hope to be safe heaven….and conflicted if I should “bersuara”now because I see that there are some in the same boat as us who are rocking the boat.

Allow me to go back to a matter that troubled me a few weeks back. I posted an article “Clare Rewcastle of Sarawak Report is a thief, a liar, a fraudster and a conniving journalist without ethics” Those of you who read what I write will by now know what this is all about. Long story short, Clare Rewcastle stole from me what she thought was a story “bigger then 1MDB” and printed the story in Sarawak Report BEFORE I was ready to go public with it because I still did not have the critical facts that would make the story bigger then 1MDB. Simply put, the whistle blower was not paid a single cent for the story he wanted to sell of how the Idiot siphon billions out of many statutory body for his own profit….and when Clare posted what she know of the story without my permission, the whistle blower no longer wanted to have anything to do with me and since then the story has died. I am not going to go into the right and wrong of paying a whistle blower for information he wants to sell…we will leave that for another day. After a few days of venting my frustrations at Clare in the public domain for not keeping her word to me NOT to print without my permission….I agreed to leave it in the hands of Pakatan Harapan to resolve. Again long story short….YB’s and would be YB’s in Pakistan Harapan whom I trusted. f**ked me up. So far I have been quiet. Do I still keep quiet or do I put into the public domain what has transpired so that you guys can make your decision as to whether to vote or not to vote for these YB’s and want to be YB’s of Pakatan Harapan? 
That is my story. Since then there have been a number of other story and situations that have mirrored mine and had been told to me by others who have begun to question if we need to be quiet simply because we do not want anything to rock the Pakatan Harapan boat. 
The troubling thing is this. As I have said earlier this morning in another posting…HUBRIS and DECADENCE is the reason for umno’s precarious position in the lead up to GE14. I know that Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim are strong leaders…but what about those within Pakatan Harapan whom we will be asked to vote for? The others who will be part of the team that will do government when Pakatan Harapan arrives in Putrajaya? 
Do they deserve to have our votes when they are already suspect in their ability to be honest and credible YB’s? 

What do you guys think?