Some of you may have read about my public spat with Clare Newcastle of Sarawak Report recently. Let me tell you, in a nutshell, what it was all about. 

It is about an old blogger (me) who decided that he will not be taken advantage of by an award winning investigative journalist based in London whose blog, Sarawak Report has won “the IPI International Press Institute’s Free Media Pioneers Award 2013 and the Communication for Social Change Award 2014. Sarawak Report has been heralded for its “impact on the political debate” in Malaysia, with the New York Times calling Rewcastle-Brown “one of the most effective voices calling attention to deforestation in Malaysia”. In 2015, Sarawak Report was recognised by the Index on Censorship for being a “champion against censorship”….yes Clare Newcastle is all that…. but I fought back…and in fighting back  all that I want was to put the facts of the matter onto the public domain so that you guys can decide the right or wrong of what we did. Tutup tirai.   

I have since moved on and got back my focus on what we have to do to take back our country from the grasp of this corrupt BN regime.

You guys in K Hell have been taken advantage of by this corrupt and odious BN government for a hell of a long long time. The AG, the IGP, KP of MACC, the Chairman of SPR, the Judiciary……any of those dedak infested High Government and Public Officials have all, without exception or by your leave, treated you guys worse then Rosmah has treated her Mr Idiot. 

When is enough? 
It is time for you guys to fight back. 
When the AG clears the Idiot of wrong doing in a thousand and one scams…when the IGP tells you his CID chief is not guilty of money laundering in Australia, when the KP or MACC fornicates with a married women, when the Chairman of SPR tells you that all is hunky dory with the postal votes…do not sit quietly and turn the other cheek. 
Let me tell you how.

We start with you and me. I and Azman posted Tun Dr Mahathir’s interview on Australian BBC and we got over 30K views. Then I asked for you guys to sign a petition asking the Australian Government to take action against the CID Chief who had RM1 million seized from his bank account in Australia on suspicion that it was the proceeds from crime /money laundering…and how many of you signed the petition? By noon today only 300. Why? 30,000 thousand of you watch Mahathir and not even 10 percent of you take the trouble to sign that petition?

That is our problem. Not only your problem…but OUR problem. Guys when 300 of you sign the petition, the powers that be who monitors my blog and FB site, knows that there is a response to the petition but one they can ignore because there are only 300 of you who has taken the trouble to register your agreement with the petition. 
Now if 3000 of you sign the petition, not only does the Malaysian government knows…but the Australian government too will know because a petition signed by 3000 people is a statement by the 3000 signatories that they want there voices to be heard and they are putting the Australian and Malaysian government on notice to do the right thing by them
That is what we must do from now on. Any opportunity to show the powers that be in Australia or Malaysia that we are a group of people to be reckon with…we must do.
So for a start, fight back by signing the petition. 
I will be back with more of what we must do to take back our country soon…very very soon.