7.02 am Melbourne. Thursday 15th March. Another day done. Another comes. Sometimes weariness takes over my physical self. When you are weary the mind struggles to meet your demands in processing the things that matters to you. This morning what matters to me this early in the morning is the ability to structure my thought process around the comments you guys posted here on my Facebook page. 
Over 60 comment, four friend request and three message overnight. The challenge is read between the lines of what some of you write. Hard to do when the mind is still waking up, is sluggish and easily distracted by the sounds of early morning Melbourne. The trams are beginning their rounds, the rubbish collectors are about and noisily doing their work and some of you have started to post your thoughts, good and bad, on what I write….and they come in even as I write this. 
I have not even begin to think about what I will write this morning.That will be done when my mind clears sufficiently enough to enable me to start my thought process moving towards K Hell. That should begin after washing the dishes soaking in the kitchen sink, cleaning up the kitchen and anywhere else that needs cleaning, hang the washing done overnight, put the next lot of washing that needs to be done this morning and do the other many things that needs to be done in any household by any housewife on any given day of the week if you want the place you call home, to be one. In my household I am the housewife….and I say that with pride and a satisfaction that comes after almost five years of being one ever since my wife told me that she has had enough of cleaning, washing, cooking and being at my beck and call about five years ago when the onset of dementia started to take her away from me. 
Yes she actually said that! And I smile now thinking of that day when she did tell me that when I asked her why she had stopped cooking for me! That was when we were still in Adelaide. That was before dementia took away from her the ability to tell me what she wanted to tell me. Today I wish I could go back to that day again when I still had a wife who could and did tell me those things. Today it has been over three years when we last spoke….but enough of that!
Good morning Malaysia. Let the day begin…..