Some of us Malaysians in OZ, want to do our part to get the Australian government to do their part about taking action against Malaysians who are buying properties here with money they looted from Malaysia. Take acton against any Malaysians who are using Oz to store and launder their ill gotten gains from corruption and the scams they perpetrated upon the people of Malaysia and of course, to take action against any CID chief who is stupid enough to think that they can get away with stashing their ill gotten gains in banks in Oz. 
That last comment about that CID Chief must have brought a cynical smile from some of you! Yes I did smile when I first heard about the antics of “that” senior PDRM officer who had almost RM one million seized from his bank here by the authorities. 
Brings back memories to that time when Mike Tyson was caught with his trouser down doing the same thing…….and thinking that he could get away with it by pleading stupidity. You have to be stupid if, as the Menteri Besar of Selangor, you do not understand the rules of a country you are visiting. Same same with this CID chief…ahh stupidity seems to be a badge of honour many Malays in high public office seems to exhibit in the things they do. And as they say, the fish rots from the head down….and I know and you know where I am going….down South to Seri Perdana where the King and Queen of Stupid lives! But I digress.
As I was saying at the start of this posting…some of us Malaysians in Oz want to do our part to get the Australian government to act against any Malaysians who think that they can take advantage of the goodness and kindness of the Australain people and the Australian government, to hide, park or lauder their ill gotten dedak in Australia. 
To this end, we are preparing a petition to demand that the Australian government take action against dedak infested Malaysians who are now making Australia their preferred base to 
“invest” the dedak they “collected” from Bolehland….and we ask that you guys join us in this effort by co signing the petition we are now preparing to ask the Australian government to do just that.