Selamat Pagi. Yesterday I lied. I said no more SR but I woke to a message from Rasid Harun “Sarawak report published their version of a story about you”… what to da lah…got to print the story I had written but did not want to print to let you guys know what has happened between SR and me. 
How does it feel when you become the story instead of you writing the story? For a start….by the end of the day, I will have more people in the know about what I do….some will like me and some will hate me…the reasons they like me or hate me will depend on what they know of what I do. 
Either way it is okay with me because I know what I do and that is what really matters to me. 
Last night as I was about to fall asleep…I wrote this:
Each day that I live is a day less that is left of my life…and yet even as I thought of that, I told myself why not think that each day that I live is another day more of my life? That I think is how we all should look at life…thankful for everyday that we have. 
And I am thankful of life. 
As I was discussing how I was going to get myself motivated again after the Clare situation, I saw this message from Mandy Ping for me “The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies”…how true….such is life. and I want Mandy Ping to know that her message to me made me turn the corner form negativity to positivity. Thank you.
Just this minute I saw that there is another message from Clare…and i am sharing it with you guys as soon as I finish reading it. 

“I have replied. You gave me no choice but to tell the full truth. I suggest you do the right thing now and put out the rest of the material that you have…. with all this public interest now, you never know you might even find someone now to buy the real smoking gun documents. That was a strategy that I had suggested after it became plain that the documents you were showing were never going to find a buyer on their own. But, my writing and research has now positioned their importance far more clearly for the sort of people you were approaching. So, good luck to you on that. Personally, as you know, I think you should forget the money and do the right thing. I would be happy to join in the applause if you did”.

steadyaku47 comment : She has her opinion of what she did and I have mine. You guys decide which one you want to believe. Enough said.
And now onwards to Putrajaya.