FLOM’S value to our nation is priceless! If you put a price tag to her…nobody would want to buy her.
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Selamat Pagi Malaysia…we start this morning with a few one liners that just seems right for the times that we now live in. If any of them makes you smile…think again…because the reality is sobering. Take FLOM ….she thinks she is more important then Mr Idiot and she acts and behaves that way…when in reality to all of us…she is a worthless piece of baggage that the Idiot has to carry around with him simply because he does not have the balls to tell her her real worth…which is priceless!
Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money for some umno politicians to NOT run for political office
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As for politics becoming more and more expensive in Malaysia….do you all remember what it costs to get that Samy son of Velu to quit politics? This BN government is still paying him now to stay out of politics by having to appoint him as Malaysia’s Special Envoy on Infrastructure to India and South Asia!
Najib has the best CJ, AG, IGP, Speaker, Sec Gen Treasury, KP SPRM & MACC, Chairman of TH & Felda that money can buy.

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As for the Idiot having the best of everything that money can buy….who can dispute how much Isa has costs us when he was Chairman of Felda….billions. Ditto for the others. 
Okay…now I am going to make a cup of kopi for myself and try to work out how worthless that Mrs Idiot really is! Can anyone come up with an estimate…round figures please!