I am under no illusion that politicians on both sides of the divide are prone to embellish their political rhetoric from time to time to suit the prevailing conditions. Not only am I under no illusions that this is done, but I dare to say that there are times when doing so can be justified when the other side have already thrown any sense of accountability and responsibility in the things they do and say, to the wind. The new normal of politics in Bolehland today requires the cunning of a fox, the guile of a leopard hunting for prey and a total commitment to the “kill or be kill” mantra if one is to survive in Bolehland.
So….are there any any honour or grace, left among politicians? Are there politicians to whom I would bow in respect for they will do for us more then what they will do for themselves? 
I think there are. 
For Tun Dr Mahathir I would do so. For Lim Kit Siang…I would do so. There are maybe a dozen others who would deserve to be respected in that way…but everyday that number dwindles. In these last few days alone, my respect for some PH politicians have plummet for what they have done in the name of political expediency. I will not name names, I will not infer what race, what party within PH they come from and I will certainly not go further then express my misgivings in my blog and Facebook for their lapse in judgement – whether intentional or not. 
Suffice to say that I give notice that should push comes to shove….I will not hesitate to put these misgiving into the public domain.
PH politicians must understand that they will be subjected to much harsher standards of propriety and responsibility then BN politicians. PH politicians meed to know that we will not tolerate any lapse of ethics and grace in the things they do in the name of politics. And we do this not because we love them less but because we love them more…for are they not going to be those who will lead us after GE 14? 
Enough said.