Mystery Cambridge University student wins ‘best bum 2017’ and praises her ‘a**e and thighs’
A STUDENT known only as Vita has taken out “best bum of 2017”. She puts her success down to her “considerable a**e and thighs”. The undergraduate — named only as ‘Vita’ — believes her win over far slimmer entrants is a victory for “body acceptance”. Her saucy winning shot, leaning naked against an oak tree, won 24.32 per cent of the vote among readers of The Tab student newspaper.
“I don’t have the most athletic figure and I have quite a considerable arse and thighs,” she said.
“It says a lot about how far the world has come in body acceptance.
“I have worked hard to accept my body. I wanted to prove that to myself by doing something I wouldn’t usually do.
“I didn’t even expect the photo would be in the top 10 — let alone be the winner.
“I’ve never been so proud of something like that. I’m probably more proud of that than getting into Cambridge.”

steadyaku47 comment : Do not believe what these western media print. Some of the story they print is not worth the paper they are printed on. How dare they claim Vita has the best Bum of 2017? Our sources are, at this very moment, trying to obtain a more revealing image of our own entry into the 2018 Bum of the Year contest. So far they have been unsuccessful as this contestant of ours is a very shy about baring her ass….I mean her asset…. in the public domain…so for now you will have to make do with what we have below….to be continued!