Salam…it is past 2am in Fitzroy and I am in a reflective mood. All is quiet and nothing disturbs my thoughts except when I want it to be disturbed. Today, like these past week, have been unsettling for me because there are issues I need to face and handle and there are decisions I need to make. Let me wrestle with these “disturbance” with help from I , me and myself. Together I think we can resolve the issues sooner if not later. While waiting for these issues to be resolved…life goes on.
I am trying to get to grips with the ever changing goal posts of what is now “normal” in bolehland. Today nobody turns to look anymore at corruption in JPJ. Corruption in Immigration or in the various Dewan Bandarayas. With the latest incident involving the CID Director and his RM one million seized cash stash in Australia, a new benchmark has been set in PDRM. Who will top that remains to be seen. 
MACC is run by a fornicating KP whose time there is totally, completely and ultimately in the hands of the Idiot. So you can expect the KP to do as told and when asked…he will also jump through hoops and dance to any tune being played. 
The Judiciary is long gone to the dogs. Putrajaya, lock stock and barrel, has embrace the dedak culture perpetrated by its numero uno resident in Seri Perdana. 
So what else is new? What shall set the bench mark of what is normal in Bolehland tomorrow and the days to come?
Your guess is as good as mine. About the only peak left that the Idiot can try to climb is the arrest of Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir. I would put that possibility ahead of PAS winning more seats this time around then in GE 13…..meantime we wait. 
I remember a popular phrase some time back….Malaysia Inc. Today the same phrase enters my head with a twist…Malaysia Incapacitated. How long before we get slapped with a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) bracelet? 
What is being done to our country today is something that even Tun Mahathir, in his infinite wisdom then, was not able to think possible. And yet it has come to pass that it is possible and Tun has lived long enough to see it done…and all that he has worked for is now undone. He intends to do something about it. It is a work in progress…let us all work with him on this one. 
Towards this end I have become someone that I would not have liked to meet a few years ago. Then I was busy with my own life, Busy with keeping body and soul together as I tried to come to terms with the initial onset of Frontal Lobe Dementia that my dear wife had just been diagnosed with. And then I was naive about the newly anointed incoming Idiot that was going to damm our country into what it has now become….a pariah among nations where prime ministers with RM2,6 billion in their bank accounts are deservedly anointed pariahs. 
Today almost every waking hours of my life, if not spent taking care of my wife, is spent in putting my thoughts and yours, onto my blog and here in FB. Thoughts about how we can make change happen. 
Those of you who know me will know that my attention span is, at best, questionable. I am amazed that I have kept this bogging thing going for almost a decade. I hope that I will be able to keep going, at this rate, for another few months. Let us encourage each other to stay focus on the work at hand. Amen.
Sudah pukul 3.01 pagi….and now I lay me down to sleep. Good nite.