There have been many questions asked as to why this BN government has done nothing to try and get back properties, “investments”, planes, money deposited in bank accounts all over the world, Hermes Bags and RM25 million diamond ring etc etc that, in all probability, can be traced back to 1MDB.
And this latest of seizure of Equanimity by the Indonesian Government on the advise/instruction or order (strike which one you think is not appropriate to be used in these circumstances) of the United States Department of Justice…is the creme de la creme of things that have been bought with 1MDB’s money. After all when there are billions more of 1MDB stashed away in your possession, who does not want a yacht like Equanimity?
Let us just back off for a minute and think!
Do any of you seriously think that this BN government cares about Equanimity? Do you think anybody in this BN government care about the hundreds of millions here and there of 1MDB’s money waiting to be claimed? Do you think that the Idiot will instruct his despicable and corrupt AG to get the “lick my arse” IGP, the fornicating KP of MACC, the “yes Sir, yes Sir three bags full” judiciary and that “head in his arse” Irwan Serigar…to go and get back what they all have all jointly and severally colluded to steal from us?
How many thieves have stood up in court with hand on their heart and solemly sworned… “Yes your Honour…. on the night of the 25th July last year, at 3.30 am, I did enter the said premises and stole everything I could find in the said premises…..including even the underwear and shirt off the back of the owners!”
All that these bastards are doing today is to think where the next hundreds of millions can be siphoned out of our national coffers to enable them to buy another Equanimity, invest in another Hollywood block buster, buy another mansion in Dubai, London, New York or Perth, get another Hermes bag or another “whatever their hearts desires!”.

Please lah….stop asking all these stupid questions about why this corrupt BN government is not f**king itself up…just vote them out of office!!!!!!