4.56 am. Monday. 5th March. 2018. 
We all have good days and bad days. Days when we wake up full of vim and vigour and days when we are weary with life and of life. There are days we dread because we know what lies ahead…heartaches, disappointment, sadness at the passing of someone we know. None of us are immune from these trials and tribulations of life. For myself…all that I know at this late stage of my life is simply this…that which will not kill me, only makes me stronger. 
Apart from the passing of my father and mother, my marriage to my beloved wife, the birth of my two children and that of my two grand children….I simply cannot recall any other things that has happened in my past life that is of more importance or consequence in my life now then those things that I have just mentioned. None at all. Everything else is a life lived…and how I lived that life pales into significance when compared to those events of my life…births, marriage and death.
Think of it. Can family be more important then anything else in your life? 
Good morning friends….Life is good. Go live it.