6.57 am. Selamat Pagi. Have spent the last hour going through the comments you guys made on the things I posted yesterday. I hear what you are saying. I know how you guys feel. 
Yes…now is the winter of our discontent. But as sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow, after Winter comes Spring and then Summer. We will have time to awaken from this Winter of discontent and better prepare ourselves for the Winter that will surely come again…but the next Winter will see us better prepared and able to stand the rigours and cold that comes with it…..and we will no longer be discontent with any more Winter to come. So remember ….this Winter of Discontent will soon come to an end. Let us vote for change. 
The final days of the Roman Empire saw torment and strife sweeping across that nation of butchers, robbers and plunderers. Morale was low and it’s people knew that the Empire was doomed. Emperor Konstantinos XI Dragases-Palaiologos could only gather three thousand Roman Soldiers for the final defence of that Empire…..but, when the end came, the militaristic nation did went down fighting. 
What will now happen to the umno led Barisan Nasional as it’s own final days swiftly nears? 
Surely those within BN know that they are doomed! 
This week started with the seizure of Equanimity. There can be no greater symbol of the excesses of a corrupt prime minister and his pliant political cohorts then this Yacht valued at RM1 billion. A yacht bought from the proceeds of diseased 1MDB that was under the Chairmanship of the prime minister himself. And that same dedak infested government, in the same week, announced what we already know will surely happen – the closure of 1MDB “after it’s debts have been settled”. Debts that will be painfully paid by the next few generations of Malaysians to come. 
And to add some pathetic comic relief to the deserved woes of this corrupt BN government…the head of the Criminal Investigation Department (a post, alas, my late father once held under Tun Haniff many many years ago when the Police were indeed the guardian of our security and safety!) …the head of this PDRM’s department, will not seek to wrest back from the Australian Government almost RM1 million seized from his personal bank account in Sydney suspected to be the proceeds of money laundering and/or crime. 
What, you may ask, could be more comical then the PDRM’s CID Director NOT seeking to clear his name when the Australian government has accused him of Money Laundering?
steadyaku47 note…I am now rolling around on the floor with laughter at this comic relief that I must take some time to recover from this bout of uncontrollable laughter before I write anything more on this…so enough for now!