MACC KP, Dzulkifli Ahmad is in the news this morning. Who is this Dzul? 

The same Dzul  “yang berperanan besar dalam penyiasatan isu dana RM2.6b 1MDB dan Suria Capital, bertanggungjawap membersihkan nama Perdana Menteri DS Najib Razak dan dalam kumpulan yang memberi “perkhidmatan khas” kepada Rosmah. What that “perkhidmatan khas” to Mrs idiot is all about is something I would have to leave to your imagination to work out…non-sexual I hope!

This is the same Dzul who announced late last year that MACC would name the to 10 most corrupt ministries in their new fight against graft….I am still waiting for that list!

The same Dzul who had an affair with a married women with two kids.

And now this same Dzul tells us that MACC plans :

to create a more effective special corruption index to analyse and measure the level of corruption in the country ….a study would be carried out by an independent body as well as academicians to ensure the transparency of the index…..our own and more effective index….reality of corruption and abuse of power in the country through a local point of view”

What do you do?

Laugh hysterically as I did when Najib appointed Isa as Chairman of Felda? 
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I Accept

Or should I questioning the rationale of what Dzul just announced as I did when Najib appointed Sharir to replace Isa as Chairman of Felda? 

Or should I just take it as another joke that this Dzul is playing on the rakyat….the same kind of joke that Sharir played on us when he announced that the Felda land in Jalan Semarak has been returned to Felda at no costs? 

Does this KP of MACC expect us to believe that MACC, under his watch, will be able to come with a more effective special corruption index to analyse and measure the level of corruption in Malaysia better then Transparency International? Woi Dzul….kepala bapak hang punya otak lah! Go f**k yourself. 
OK…now that we have had our morning laugh at this latest caper by this randy horny  Tan Sri Dzul…..let us go back to the realities of life… having our morning coffee and try and start our day in a more dignified and “realistic” way. 
End of story.