Academically, he has been a Valedictorian, time and again, all the way, primary school in Kemaman, Malay College, a first in Chemical Engineering and top 10 in Professional Accountancy examinations…in the world. 
Professionally, he could be in any of the top 10 on the Forbes list and still wear the easy charm and that warm genuine Trengganu smile with the maroon stripped tie on Wednesdays, I can bet. 
We attended the same secondary school though…taught by a number of the same teachers equally inspired if not more by the Alma Mater’s founding philosophy “…to be of service unto others instead of being a law unto themselves”
Ilmu Rasa.. So educated that one could feel, so to speak. 
Justice is innate and has a feel to it too. 
Whilst the guilty verdict on Rafizi over the shameful NFC scandal was questionably right on the facts,and , upon the unthinking application of the rules and regulations made under BAFIA, even Mdm Shahrizat’s most ardent political fans could not help, surely, feeling that justice had not been faithfully served here. 
Leave the buffoons in their kandangs for it is where they really belong 
But what about the “Disclosure of Banking Information on Grounds of Public Interest ” provided under the legislation itself in anticipation of the very class of mischief committed by NFC. The court either failed or shamefully refused to address the justification raised by the defence. 
It is unimaginable that Rafizi did not weigh the almost certain likelihood that the court would not be inclined to resort to the express provision in finding for him. 
He must have…. But something else must have weighed most in his heart and mind. His Ilmu Rasa…. A Duty unto others…. 
On behalf of a grieving nation brought down to its knees by maladministration and maniacal leadership fast getting lost in its own heap of incompetence and malice, here is some old battle cry from the playing fields of Kuala Kangsar…. 
“Its OK, Its Alright, Fight! Fight! Fight! 
Salam to you Brother Rafizi and Family 
Salam Fiat Sapientia Virtus 
From A Former Cheer Leader.