Q: Was Rafizi charged for defamation?
A: No.
Q: Then what was he charged for?
A: He was charged u der BAFIA, for leaking a company’s bank details.
Q: Was the leaked information real?
A: The information was real.
Q: So why was Rafizi charged if the details were real?
A: Because according to BAFIA, it is a crime to expose a company’s banking details.
Q: Then why expose if it’s a crime?
A: Because the said case is of public interest.
Q: What public interest?
A: A sum of taxpayers’ money was borrowed to a company. But instead of using the funds for its original purpose, the compamy used the money to buy condominiums and expensive cars for himself and his children.
Q: Why the fuss? As long as it’s a loan, the company can repay right?
A: The company never repaid the loan.
Q: How much was the loan to the company?
A: RM250 million.
Q: Wow. That’s a lot! So did the company face the music?
A: No. Nothing happened to them. The government did not charge them, and never bothered to ask the company to repay the loan.
Q: Weird. Why does our laws punish people who expose corruption and let corrupted ones go free?
A: Because the laws today are not used to protect the people. It is used to protect corrupted and powerful people in the government.