On 10 February 2018. 7/2018.

A number of possibilities and probabilities could occur prior to and post the election period. What is most desired by Malaysians is to see the orderly return to power should the incumbent ruling political coalition is victorious, or the smooth transition of power to the opposition coalition should they win the election. 
Rumour mongering about the possibility of an unrest should either political party wins or loses the election must be suppress at the outset. It must not be allowed to fester and the authorities must come down hard against the perpetrators of such sinister plan to create fear and confusion. Both the armed forces and the police being the guardian of peace, law and order must already have its intelligence network deployed throughout the country to sniff out any attempt by undesirable elements to create unrest prior to and post the election period. 

The armed forces and the police ought to be reminded of their pledges’ to serve King and country first, besides the protection of the people and their properties. Members of the armed forces and police must be able to distinguish what is a lawful order and what isn’t, especially at the critical moment when the election results are yet to be known, to formally decide which contending party forms the legitimate government. It is at this critical moment that public disorder could develop by those that are unhappy with the election results, and it is left entirely to the police, and assisted by the armed forces, to act within the bounds of the law to quell any dissenting action. It is therefore vital then that the armed forces and police to remain united and cohesive throughout this critical moment until a government is formally announced, and the transition of power (should the opposition wins the election) is officially concluded. 
Patriot has full confidence that the armed forces and the police will play an effective role to enforce law and order, and the peaceful transition of power to which ever political party that wins the election. This is the time when the armed forces and the police must display its non partisan role, and to maintain its integrity as a force that serves the King and country, and void of any political interest. When the armed forces and the police adopt a partisan leaning and take instructions from politicians, then the nation is damned. Our armed forces and police must take the lessons from the Philippines experience that saw the eviction of President Marcos and his wife Emelda through people’s power, and how the armed forces and police stood firmly by the side of the people, to ensure democracy prevailed.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan

steadyaku47 comment : For those of you who are too busy to read the above media release by Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan here is what I think Pak Arshad wants to say : “If that Idiot tries to take power after he loses GE 14 by declaring an Emergency…he is dead meat!”
Definition of dead meat
One that is doomed… he’s dead meat if they catch him